Driving in & out of a busy city!

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Moving from a relatively quiet town to a busy city, I became immediately concerned that very quickly, I could potentially lose my driving licence, no claims bonus and a few pints of blood, because I have to drive to work on an extremely busy motorway. As a keen reader of Sociology texts, I really appreciate that ‘traffic’ is marvellous, unpredictable and fun, but accept that once in a while the price of this joyous, anarchic procession can be too high. As such, I have consciously made an effort to read up on motoring offences, and adjusted all my mirrors and seating position to ensure I can see my fellow road users when dicing for the correct lane at a tricky junction or roundabout. All of this is necessary as I would be very embarrassed to arrive in the Accident & Emergency dept. at the hospital I work in following an avoidable RTA.


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