A visit to a junk shop brings memories flooding back!

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One of the advantages of living, or even visiting a big town or city, is the increased chance that you will come across my personal favourite type of retail outlet, a good old fashioned Junk Shop! For me, many pleasurable hours can be spent rummaging through piles of junk to hopefully find a real gem that will immediately take me back to an earlier time in my life! Such an escape into happy nostalgia, came courtesy of a couple of toy Matchbox SR.N6 Hovercraft discovered after a rummage through various little clear plastic bags.

As a kid, much time was spent going down the railway line to Dover to watch the Hovercraft arrive & depart from the vantage point of the pier. The Hovercraft I actually saw were SR.N4’s or ‘Mountbatten Class Hovercraft’. The little clip below perhaps illustrates why I loved this unique form of mass passenger transport!


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