Rick Rescorla: A real hero remembered.

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When I was teaching I came across the story of how Rick Rescorla helped save the lives of 2,687 people during the 2001 terrorist attack on the Word Trade Centre. Believing that in the event of a major disaster, the employees of Morgan Stanley Bank could not rely on first responders, he took it upon himself as director of security for the bank to implement regular fire drills. These rehearsal drills, in which he would time fellow employees with a stopwatch & lecture them when they moved too slowly, reportedly put him in opposition to some executives who resented the interruption to the daily running of the financial institution. However, on that awful day, thanks to the foresight of Rick Rescorla some 2,687 employees & visitors survived.

Tragically, after the vast majority of the banks employees were safe, Rick Rescorla went back into the South Tower, and was last seen ascending the stairs shortly before the tower collapsed. His body was never recovered.


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