5 easy ways I save money during my daily commute.

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Invitation to the City has been running for a couple of years now & I now feel the time has come for my blog to reflect more on the personal, ‘felt intensities’ I experience as I negotiate the many busy spaces of various towns & cities of my everyday. To start, & with a little humour, here’s 5 easy steps I took to reduce my financial outlay on my daily commute to & from work:

1. Because I now have a breakfast of toast or a cereal before I leave for work, I don’t fork out £2:50 every morning for a hot cheese & bacon pastry from a petrol station. This saving also has the added bonus that I no longer risk being pulled over by the Police & being summonsed for driving without ‘due care & attention’ whilst I eat a flaky pastry.

2. An added bonus is that being a smoker, I used to pick up a packet of 20 from the petrol station at an inflated price at the same time I picked up my breakfast pastry. Now I by a packet from a local supermarket at a cheaper price later in the day.

3. Because I’m not tied to a petrol station for breakfast, I now petrol price spot on my tedious journey to & from work & fill up my tank according to price & not because I’m hungry.

4. Because I now price compare petrol stations, & fill up accordingly, I have actually reduced my consumption of expensive energy drinks, because I have fewer opportunities to satisfy my craving for caffeine, taurine, & B Group vitamins as my petrol tank in near full!

5. Going back to point 2 above, when buying a packed of 20 sovereign blue from a supermarket on my commute home, I have now become an avid ‘yellow sticker’ discounted price spotter to see if I can purchase something cheap to eat later in the evening!


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