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Lego lost at sea!

As an avid beach walker, just thought I’d share this! Way back in 1997 the container ship ‘Tokio Express’, on route to New York City, was hit by a large wave off Lands End (U.K.) that caused 62 containers to

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Reflection in a window.

Just a photo from an evening stroll to see how different objects look in different light. This reflected shot of a pier I just liked!

Enjoy a day at the seaside!

Ok, I’m biased, but living close to the seaside gives me the opportunity to spend time walking a landscape that changes with the seasons and the time of day. Also, the Kent coast offers many opportunities for the family to

Pier photographs.

Part of this blogs mission is to show how city spaces have changed over time. Be it the infrastructure, use of public spaces, and how people interact with the built environment. Here are a few pictures of a pier. Again, a cheap camera