My tunes of the week.

An ever changing selection of music tracks, some new, some old, that appeal to me personally & perhaps deserve a wider audience.

Am keeping this track in for a bit longer:

‘Tom, get your plane right on time, I know that you’ve been eager to fly now. Hey, let your honesty shine, shine, shine’. A Simon & Garfunkel track: The Only Living Boy in New York. Such an achingly good track on many levels.

From one of my favourite films, Badlands, ‘That’ piece of music by Carl Orff.

Or you may prefer the similar-sounding piece by Hans Zimmer titled ‘You’re So Cool’ which was used throughout the 1993 film True Romance?

A mesmerising piece by Vangelis titled ‘L’enfant’.

Put on a pair of quality headphones, pour yourself a glass of wine (Over 18’s only!) & lose yourself in Oxygene Part 4 by Jean Michel Jarre. Pure bliss …