‘County Lines’: Drug Supply, Violence and Exploitation.

Community. , Crime. , Living in the city. , Mental Health. Jun 10, 2018 No Comments

Every once in a while in my professional life, I come across a real problem facing local communities. Known as ‘County Lines’ drug trading, or ‘going country’, County lines, involves urban gangs moving class A drugs and cash between inner-city hubs and provincial areas. The criminal gangs begin by taking over premises in the target town, sometimes by coercion, by using property belonging to vulnerable adults; including local addicts & those with mental health issues. (See Cuckooing here) Then the gang will expand the workforce by recruiting local runners to deliver drugs and money. The groups often use children, because they work for little pay, are easy to control, & are less likely to be detected by law enforcement agencies. Alarmingly, for me at least, was how widespread ‘County Lines’ criminal activity is in my community.


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