The World’s Plastic Problem.

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Just like many others on a Sunday, I ventured to the supermarket, but perhaps this trip was different … It came after I watched a few clips of the ‘Plastic Problem’ as featured on the BBC series ‘Blue Planet II’. Walking around the various aisles, the sheer volume of consumer goods that were; wrapped in, made from, & delivered in ‘plastic’ was a real eye opener. Perhaps the two YouTube clips below begin to tell the story of the problem with plastic. As the first clip reports:

“We’ve seen albatrosses come back with their belly full of food for their young and nothing in it. The albatross parent has been away for three weeks gathering stuff for her young and what comes out? What does she give her chick? You think it’s going to be squid, but it’s plastic. The chick is going to starve and die”.

The second was the sad sight of a pilot whale carrying her dead calf, a victim perhaps from humankinds ignorance.


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