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Driving in & out of a busy city!

Moving from a relatively quiet town to a busy city, I became immediately concerned that very quickly, I could potentially lose my driving licence, no claims bonus and a few pints of blood, because I have to drive to work on an extremely busy motorway. As a keen reader

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1 Horse Power vs 100 Horse Power. The horse wins!

How to police a major city U.K. style! Photo credit: Aimanas Aima. YouTube.

Iconic T.V. Theme. BBC’s ‘Holiday Programme.

Just had to add this theme track and video as it seems to capture some of what ‘Invitation to the city’ is about. It also takes me back to my childhood, and late evening television and the occasional school organised holiday. Okay,

Iconic London Tube Map.

Having used the London underground many times, I became interested in the history behind the iconic underground map. A simple Google search revealed a wealth of information, and introduced another avenue of discovery! Photo credit: TfL from the London Transport Museum collection. 

Live flight radar.

Living and working in a busy city means you are pretty used to seeing and hearing airliners registered in many countries flying overhead. is a real time, flight tracking service which attracts 24 million visits each month. For me,

The iconic Concorde.

Photograph courtesy of The Telegraph. As a result of technological advances in transport through the last 200 years, the time it takes to physically travel between two places has steadily been reduced. However, in 2003 with the retirement of the supersonic Concorde

Railway time becomes Standard Time.

As I investigate more about living & working in cities in the U.K., and in the wider world, I found this fantastic little article about how the expansion of the railway network by the Great Western Railway (GWR) led to Britain adopting

Boeing 747 production to end?

It has been reported in the media that Boeing is set to end production of its most iconic aircraft following a drop in demand and financial pressures…. As this story broke, I’m reminded of two ideas for commercial transport

Public space enjoyed by all.

Just wanted to add a few photographs taken 25/03/16 with cheap camera. A public space, on a public holiday, used by the public for their enjoyment, and adding £££££’s to the local economy. Just maybe I have found a location where I want

Amy Johnson. pioneering English aviatrix.

Herne Bay Pier February 2016. Took this picture using a really cheap camera, enhanced with free software. Amy Johnson was a pioneering English aviatrix who met a tragic end in 1941. “Believe nothing to be impossible” (Amy Johnson, 1903-1941)