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The NHS: Having a say.

Having a bit of free time, I read the minutes of board meetings from several hospitals that I have an association with. I was struck by how difficult is was to navigate through each of these hospitals websites to eventually

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People can live with a Mental Health condition.

Another theme which this blog will explore is the experiences of those who live in the city with a Mental Health diagnosis. I’ll start with an article published in the Guardian about Debbie who discovered that: ‘Art allowed me to

The worst form of inequality?

A truism even today?

The hospital: A Cathedral of medicine.

With the closure of the oldest hospital in England recently announced, it reminded me that hospitals in times past were often viewed as places to be avoided except where there was little, or no hope. For historians writing on the history of western medicine: ‘hospitals were places associated

A safe & timely discharge from hospital?

I cannot pretend to fully understand the politics behind NHS England publishing statistics on ‘delayed transfers of care’, but I just wonder if Health and social care professionals actually worked together, instead of spending ages apportioning blame, outcomes for patients would be better? A couple

History of medicine: Have a free day out!

As my interest in the history of medicine grows, I’m planning a visit in the autumn to the Wellcome Collection in London UK. In preparation, these free resources are on my reading list! Photo credit: The Wellcome Library. Widgets

History of medicine.

On reviewing the hits I get on my blog, the history of medicine seems a popular topic. As I get more free time, I hope to publish more on this fascinating topic. Photo Credit: Widgets

Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Just a quick plug for an amazing charity. Total respect! Medecins Sans Frontieres. Mitzi.

History of medicine.

Seems that the ‘history of medicine’ blog topic is an interesting one for many people including myself! Here is a link to a jolly good place to visit in London U.K. Also worth clicking around this whole Wellcome Collection site as