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City Nature: The Grebe’s Courtship Display.

Showcasing examples of nature in the city is a theme ‘Invitation to the City’ will continue to develop. The courtship dance of the Grebe was captured in a wonderful BBC programme called ‘The Unnatural History of London’ first broadcast in

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A bleak vision of the city?

This advert came on the T.V. whilst I was watching something I cant even remember. But I was totally captured by the animation, & the song in the ad. The story of the advert: ‘Young Jack and his faithful little

Nature in the City.

When I started my blog, I always intended to include pictures & comments on nature in the City. As I walk the spaces of various cities, I am always looking out for a story!

Nature in the City.

When I first started this blog, I posted about a guy called Richard who reclaims unloved patches of public land for the benefit of the local community. I came across his story in a T.V. commercial…

My drain garden update!

Regular readers of my blog may have noticed that I have become somewhat attached to a drain micro-environment close to where I live! Risking being run over and ignoring the looks of onlookers, photographing this unique city nature space has become an essential part of

Moved house and next posts.

Apologies for not posting for a while, but this coming weekend a few updates on my drain garden and built environment will be posted!

Drain micro environment.

Not long after I started my blog I took a photo of a plant micro environment. I revisited the drain to see how the plants where doing a few weeks on! As my new photograph shows all is well in my city nature

City nature.

City nature.

City nature. Mar 20, 2016

Took a walk in the spring sunshine along my favourite city coastline. This plant was dropped by a seagull perched on a building so I picked it up and placed it in my pocket and continued on my way. On my

TV advert. Planting flowers in the city.

Just seen a TV advert which showcased a guy who goes around his community and plants flowers on ‘unclaimed land’. This reminded me that we often share the spaces of the city with nature.