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The iconic Concorde.

Photograph courtesy of The Telegraph. As a result of technological advances in transport through the last 200 years, the time it takes to physically travel between two places has steadily been reduced. However, in 2003 with the retirement of the supersonic Concorde

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Music for the Soul: Gaia by James Taylor.

Lost for words to say how much this track underscores my personal history and life journey!

Earthrise: Christmas eve 1968.

Cannot fail to be moved by the Earthrise photograph taken on Christmas eve 1968. Officially tagged as AS8-14-2383, the photograph taken by William Anders during the Apollo 8 mission to orbit the moon was credited as the most influential environmental photograph

A Heart in New York. great #music track by Art Garfunkel about #NewYork city. — Mitzi (@City_Invitation) 29 March 2017

Lunch atop a Skyscraper.

Came across this iconic photograph when browsing Time Magazines collection off 100 most influential photographs of all time. There is also a short media clip telling the story of these remarkable men!

More iconic photographs.

I’ll let Time magazine do the talking on these iconic photographs!      

Iconic photographs through time.

Just wanted to showcase a selection of iconic photographs that I have come across over the years. For ease of access, and information on each of these images, Time magazine have published an exceptional resource.

Save & Make money with Money Saving Expert.

So much information & advice on Money Saving Expert about Saving & Making money that I should heed! Now that I will have more free time after finally sorting my ‘work/life balance’, I guess it’s time to work through all

War memorials matter!

As the telegraph reported in 2011: ‘War memorials around the country are being neglected and destroyed, but they are important to ensure the sacrifices of others are not forgotten.’ As I continue to drive around in cities for pleasure &

Spot the difference, our planet viewed from space.

Was pointed out early in my academic studies that all the boundaries between countries are socially constructed! Also, that maps and globes are the product of humans. Nice colours on the manufactured globe though!