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Public space enjoyed by all.

Just wanted to add a few photographs taken 25/03/16 with cheap camera. A public space, on a public holiday, used by the public for their enjoyment, and adding £££££’s to the local economy. Just maybe I have found a location where I want

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Prof. Doreen Massey.

Was saddened to hear of the death of Prof. Doreen Massey. Hugely influential during my academic studies with the Open University. Photo credit: The UGI.

City nature.

City nature.

City nature. Mar 20, 2016

Took a walk in the spring sunshine along my favourite city coastline. This plant was dropped by a seagull perched on a building so I picked it up and placed it in my pocket and continued on my way. On my

City anthem: Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen.

Just maybe, a little bit of ‘Human Touch’ is necessary to help survive a whole new world of hurt that living in the city can throw at ya’. Photo credit: YouTube.

Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Just a quick plug for an amazing charity. Total respect! Medecins Sans Frontieres. Mitzi.

History of medicine.

Seems that the ‘history of medicine’ blog topic is an interesting one for many people including myself! Here is a link to a jolly good place to visit in London U.K. Also worth clicking around this whole Wellcome Collection site as

Pier photographs.

Part of this blogs mission is to show how city spaces have changed over time. Be it the infrastructure, use of public spaces, and how people interact with the built environment. Here are a few pictures of a pier. Again, a cheap camera

Amy Johnson. pioneering English aviatrix.

Herne Bay Pier February 2016. Took this picture using a really cheap camera, enhanced with free software. Amy Johnson was a pioneering English aviatrix who met a tragic end in 1941. “Believe nothing to be impossible” (Amy Johnson, 1903-1941)

Lunch in the city.

Lunch in the city. Italian beer, French waitress, Swiss watch and expensive prices! I borrowed the watch from a friend for the picture! Widgets

TV advert. Planting flowers in the city.

Just seen a TV advert which showcased a guy who goes around his community and plants flowers on ‘unclaimed land’. This reminded me that we often share the spaces of the city with nature.